Growing your business
through smarter technology

Growing your business
through smarter technology

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We listen to our customers, and match their IT needs with the optimal product or solution, the first time.
Our team here at Lanter has a broad range of experience across a range of technologies. We strive to reduce IT complexity and provide quality service across our wide range of services.


Our Aim is to empower customers with knowledge as to the current technological risks and inefficiencies within their business, and provide a solution tailored for the individual business needs. Contact us now to discuss over your IT review.

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Increasing productivity through technology

We are always looking at innovative ways to improve staff productivity in the work place, with both quick wins and long-term changes to business processes and tools. Innovation contributes to the success of many businesses across all industries. With the vast number...

Why are you moving to the Cloud?

Cloud services have been a hot topic for a number of years now. The ABS carried out a survey across 6640 Australian businesses during 2013-14. Less than one in five businesses reported using a paid cloud service.

Technology – Prevent the fire before it occurs

Recently I was called by a business that had been experiencing intermittent performance issues with their office network for months. After visiting their office for the first time, I learnt that staff lost hours of productivity each day due to ‘slow’ access to key...

Reach your potential!

In my line of work, I meet many entrepreneurs who are at different stages of their business journey. Some people who are running their first startup, through to serial entrepreneurs on to their next business venture. For this article I have taken a step back from...

5 ‘must have’ apps for small business

In this day and age, new business applications and tools can equip small business to play alongside the large corporations by accelerating productivity, efficiency and reducing costs. Although this may be the case, there is still the misconception that technology is...

Mobile Device Management for Business

The popularity of mobile devices combined with the sheer volume of apps available at our fingertips, open up a new world of opportunities and advantages for business. Communication has never been easier. Sharing and editing documents can be carried out while sitting...

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We understand not every business requirement is the same. Contact us today and provide us with information on what you are looking for, and we will provide you with the right advice and recommendations.


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