Cyber Security

The team at Lanter work hard to identify security risks your business may face, and how those risks can be nullified in a hassle-free and affordable way. Our managed cyber security services ensure potential threats are dealt with long before they disrupt your business.

Your security is our business

Managed Cyber Security

Let us do the worrying and keep your business safe. Our managed cyber security service is constantly changing to keep you and your business safe from cyber threats, both known and emerging. We take a pragmatic approach based on government recommendations and our own observations and knowledge.

Risk Assessment

You want to be sure your data is secure. We take a pragmatic approach to our security reviews, checking your systems against the Australian Cyber Security Center’s Essential Eight, but also against our own collection of common sense security precautions, business processes and safety checks. No matter the budget or risk appetite, we can provide a clear path to improve your cyber security.

Essential Eight

Safeguard your business by alining with the Essential Eight security framework. We help you assess your environment against these recommendations from the Australian Cyber Security Centre (ACSC). Once assessed we provide the recommendations and assist you in attaining your required level of maturity.

Cyber Security Training

Empower your employees to be your first line of defense against cyber threats. Our Cyber Security Training equips your staff with the knowledge and skills to recognize and mitigate potential security risks. Through interactive training sessions and simulated scenarios, we raise awareness about common cyber threats and provide practical strategies to protect sensitive data and maintain a secure work environment.

Cyber Security Policy & Strategy

Cyber security strategy and policy is an important consideration when it comes to governance and risk management for your business. We assist you in developing tailored cyber security policies and guidelines aligned with industry best practices and compliance standards. Our strategic approach ensures that your organization has clear guidelines for managing security risks, incident response, and ongoing security governance.

No matter where you are. We've got you covered.

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