Cloud Migrations

Cloud computing offers a secure, virtualised hosting platform for your critical business applications. Once our team has gained a thorough understanding of your current and future requirements, we’ll provide recommendations for your perfect cloud or hybrid solution.

Getting your data where it needs to be

Microsoft 365 Migrations

Consolidate and simplify your business operations with Microsoft 365. Our migration experts ensure a seamless transition to Microsoft’s powerful suite of productivity tools, including Exchange Online, SharePoint, Teams, and more. We handle the entire migration process, minimising disruptions and maximising the benefits of Microsoft 365 for your organisation.

Azure Cloud Migrations

Unlock the full potential of the cloud with Azure. Our Azure Cloud Migration services enable you to leverage the scalability, flexibility, and security of Microsoft’s cloud platform. Our experience with Azure allows us to keep costs surprisingly low, while still delivering solutions based on Microsoft’s gold standard cloud platform. Azure’s flexibile nature means that your solution can match your needs exactly so that you are not paying for servers or resources that you aren’t using.

Sharepoint Migrations

Replace your outdated file servers with the feature packed SharePoint Online. Our SharePoint Migration service helps you migrate your existing content, documents, and workflows to SharePoint Online. We ensure a seamless transition, enabling your team to leverage SharePoint’s powerful features for improved collaboration, document management, and business efficiency.

Teams Phone Migrations

Modernise your business telephony capabilities with a Microsoft Teams based cloud phone system. With many business already starting to use Teams for chats, collaboration and calling – moving your traditional phone systems into the same platform just makes sense. Our experience with cloud phone systems helps your business maintain the traditional phone numbers and call functionality you are used to, but also adding the flexibility and ease of use that comes with cloud platforms like Teams and Microsoft 365.

Cloud Backups & DR

Protect your critical data with our Cloud Backups and Disaster Recovery service. We implement robust backup solutions and design comprehensive disaster recovery strategies tailored to your business needs. With our cloud-based approach, you can minimize data loss, ensure business continuity, and quickly recover from any potential disruptions. For those without the budget for high end DR solutions, Lanter has developed some surprisingly cost effective ways of ensuring you have solid options in the case of disaster.

Cloud Migration Strategy

Lanter has developed a habit of executing successful cloud migration strategies where others haven’t known where to begin . We work closely with you to develop a customized migration plan that aligns with your business goals and minimizes disruption. Our experienced team assesses your existing infrastructure, takes into account your business aims and goals, and provides you with a plan drawn from our knowledge of current and emerging technologies. With a well-defined strategy in place, we ensure a smooth and efficient transition to the cloud, unlocking the benefits of scalability, flexibility, and cost savings for your organization.

Managed Cloud Services

Focus on your core business while we handle the complexities of managing your cloud environment. Our Managed Cloud Services provide comprehensive support and proactive monitoring to keep your cloud infrastructure optimized, secure, and available. From cloud server management and performance optimization to data backups and security, our expert team ensures the smooth operation of your cloud environment. With our managed services, you can leverage the full potential of the cloud while enjoying peace of mind knowing that your cloud infrastructure is in capable hands.

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