Network Services

Business needs are ever-changing and evolving, and therefore your network and internet must change to suit them. At Lanter we’ve developed in-depth partnerships with a range of telecommunication and network providers.

Let us review your business requirements and match your needs with the right solution. We’ll match your budget to your needs while explaining the options in simple terms.

How we can help

Internet Solutions

Stay connected with reliable and high-performance internet solutions. We assist you in finding the best internet service providers and network solutions that align with your requirements. Whether it’s fiber, NBN, or other 4g backup, we ensure seamless internet access to support your business operations.

Networks & WIFI

Build a secure and efficient network infrastructure. Our Networks and Wi-Fi service provides expert design, installation, and ongoing support for your business network. We optimize your network performance, implement robust security measures, and provide reliable Wi-Fi connectivity, enabling seamless communication and data transfer.

Telephony & Calling

Streamline your communication systems with our Telephony and Calling solutions. We help you choose and implement modern telephony solutions that integrate voice, video, and messaging, ensuring efficient and reliable communication within your organization and with external stakeholders.

Office Moves & Network Setups

Relocating your office? Trust us to handle your IT needs so you are up and running smoothly from day one. We assist in planning your new office fitout considerations including wifi placement, network cabling needs and comms cabinet locations and layout. Prior to the move we help determine your internet needs and arrange links to be installed in advance, or at short notice can assist with a temporary 4G or 5G based solution. Once the moving day comes, Lanter can assist in ensuring your network and computers are operational, ready to hit the ground running.

Workplace Collaboration

Foster collaboration and productivity in your workplace. Our Workplace Collaboration solutions enable your team to collaborate effectively, regardless of their location. We implement tools such as Microsoft Teams, SharePoint, and other collaboration platforms to streamline communication, document sharing, and project management.

No matter where you are. We've got you covered.

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