Managed IT

Taking responsibility for your IT environment is what we do best.

There is a good reason we are highly trusted by our clients to deliver on our claims. This trust is based on a proven track record of stable technology platforms, exceptional service and timely proactive advice and recommendations – all tailored to your business goals and requirements.

How we can help

IT Service Desk

‘Always available to help’ – this is one of Lanter’s core values and it perfectly represents the aims of our service desk.

We aim to always answer when you call, to resolve your request on the spot when possible, and to leave you with a smile on your face. Our expert team also leverage customised tools and automation to proactively detect and solve technical issues and alerts before they become disruptive.

Strategic Planning

Costs and frustration can soar when your technology strategy is misaligned with your business direction.
We take the time to really understand your business, to provide strategic guidance and recommendations, and back them up with a team capable of executing and delivering on strategic outcomes. Our visibility into technology solutions across a wide range of industries, budgets, operating environments and unique requirements gives us a breadth of knowledge and wisdom from which to draw when providing recommendations for your business.

Managed Cyber Security

Let us do the worrying and keep your business safe. Our managed cyber security service is constantly changing to keep you and your business safe from cyber threats, both known and emerging. We take a pragmatic approach based on government recommendations and our own observations and knowledge ensuring your protection against cyber security threats exceeds an agreed standard.

Hardware & Software Procurement

We help you navigate the complexity and myriad of options faced when acquiring new computers or software. Because of our in depth knowledge and experience acquiring, maintaining and supporting a huge variety of hardware across our client base, we can provide expert advice on the best overall choice for your needs, ensuring it meets the minimum standard for business and security needs. We also assist with asset management, tracking warranty expiries and providing timely replacements or renewals in line with your preferred timelines.

Virtual CIO

Another of our core values – ‘Pursuing the perfect solution’ – really sums up our Virtual CTO service.

We have a team of experienced IT professionals comparing notes, sharing the latest advances and technologies, all seeking the best possible technology plan for your business. We develop and maintain a bespoke technology roadmap for your business and work with you on budgets, priorities and how best to support your business.

IT Project Management

There isn’t a problem we can’t solve.

From discussing your business challenges and designing a solution, through to full implementation and stakeholder management, Lanter has a highly skilled team who can make complex IT projects appear simple. Clients who have been through IT migrations and projects in the past are often blown away by how our projects run so smoothly and free of disruption.

Remote Workforce

Working from home – we get it. People need flexibility to work remotely, at odd hours, with poor internet, or all of the above. We understand that things are not always simple, but we work with our clients to make it happen, keeping in mind your security needs and budget. And if things change and its no longer working well, we have a wide variety of different options to try – until your remote work solution fits like a glove.

No matter where you are. We've got you covered.

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