IT Consulting

Every business is different, so it makes sense that your IT needs are different, too. At Lanter, we provide bespoke IT consulting services to businesses in Sydney.

There are no cookie-cutter solutions here. With our expert advice and specialised skillset, we’ll provide the right technology platforms, guidance, and support that align with your business goals. We partner with you for the long term, and ensure your unique IT needs are taken care of well into the future.

Bespoke consulting solutions

IT Strategy & Planning

We encourage you to leverage Lanter’s broad range of experience in IT strategy and planning. From technical operational strategies, to higher level business system strategies – we can help ensure that your IT strategy aligns with your business goals, and also meets the needs of all your various functions and departments within the business. Our experience team can provide strategic guidance to optimize your technology investments and drive business growth.

Business Continuity & DR Planning

Business Continuity & DR Planning: Protect your business from potential disruptions. Our Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery consulting services help ensure that your critical systems and data are safeguarded in the event of an outage or disaster. We develop tailored recovery strategies, implement backup solutions, and conduct regular testing to ensure your systems are perforing as required.

Cost Reduction & IT Efficiency

Overengineering, poorly executed IT projects and mismatched IT solutions are three of the biggest drains on IT budgets and are unfortunately quite common. One of Lanter’s core values is ‘Pursuing the perfect solution’. Our team always aims to find the perfect fit – matching the right solutions to your business so there is no wastage, unnecessary bells and whistles, or unnecessary costs. Our innate knowledge of system performance monitoring and in depth knowledge of hardware and license options give us the confidence to architect your technology solutions to minimise costs where possible without affecting productivity or increasing risk to your business.

Business Intelligence & Automation

Unlock the power of data and automate critical business processes with our Business Intelligence and Automation services. We assist you in harnessing the potential of your data by implementing robust business intelligence solutions that provide valuable insights for informed decision-making. From data analytics and visualization to performance dashboards and reporting, we help you extract meaningful information from your data assets. Additionally, we identify opportunities for process automation and deploy intelligent systems that streamline repetitive tasks, enhance productivity, and reduce manual errors. With our expertise in business intelligence and automation, you can drive innovation, optimize operations, and gain a competitive edge in your industry.

Governance & Compliance

Ensure regulatory compliance and mitigate risk with our Governance and Compliance consulting services. We work closely with your organization to develop comprehensive governance frameworks and policies that align with industry standards, compliance needs, and legal requirements. Our team conducts audits, risk assessments, and gap analyses to identify areas of non-compliance and potential vulnerabilities. We provide guidance and can implement robust controls to safeguard your sensitive data, protect against cybersecurity threats, and ensure data privacy. By proactively managing governance and compliance, we help you maintain trust with customers, partners, and regulatory bodies, demonstrating your commitment to data security and ethical practices.

No matter where you are. We've got you covered.

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