Case Study: Together with Doehler Australia

Tin Tan, Financial Controller, AU and NZ, Doehler Australia


Why did you choose Lanter Technologies?

We came from somewhere very bad. They were a big entity with a ticketing system for a simple fix. We got no response because we were not important. When it is your IT and something needs to be fixed, it needs to be fixed there and then or the business does not run.

Lanter has less of a ticketing system and more of a service with instant response.

We feel we’re important to Lanter.

Why do you continue to choose Lanter?

There is constant communication, and constant improvements. Lanter are there to support us.

Their biggest strength is their quick response time. There is always someone there when you need help. We have a contact person and the help line.

They pre-empt issues before they happen.

They offer suggestions before we think about it.

They’ve led our cyber security which is very important.

What are the benefits of working with Lanter Technologies?

Lanter set up the whole office and manufacturing production Wi-Fi system and a new SharePoint which has helped a lot. They surveyed the area and made sure all points were covered which has had a big benefit to the business. It has freed up our Operations Manager.

With 100+ people you cannot afford to have IT downtime. IT issues cannot wait to be fixed. A recent example was at our office and main manufacturing facility in Townsville where the internet dropped out. Lanter knew about it before we did.

Lanter come to us with recommendations.

Lanter cover issues before they happen.

We have a lot of reporting requirements back to head office. With Lanter managing our IT, we have more time (and less stress) because we have a lot of trust and confidence that our IT is working, or it gets fixed quickly by Lanter. They respond.

Everyone including the MD has very good things to say about Lanter Technology.

Lanter are great at IT. They’re very knowledgable, very responsive, and go above and beyond.

What evidence do you have to demonstrate these benefits?

More security.
Proactive initiative, very proactive.

Partnering with Lanter has had a positive impact on productivity.


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