Case Study: Together with Mulford Plastics

Tyrone Emtage, Supply Chain Leader ANZ, Mulford Plastics

Why did you choose Lanter Technologies?

After 20 years with our previous IT company we no longer fit into their large corporate model. They had been through multiple sales and acquisitions and grown to such a size where we were no longer getting the service or support we required.
Lanter tendered with 7 other IT companies, and what stood out was their communication. Anything that was sent was received, actioned, returned. Their ability to pounce on emails, read and reply, was valuable for me. Communication was a stand out.

We had to move from Citrix to Microsoft Azure, due to redundancy that our ERP system wouldn’t work on. Throughout the whole process I could not fault Lanter. They showed commitment, ability to problem solve and immediacy to fix anything not working. Our business has never been down.

How was the transition from your old IT provider to Lanter?

In hindsight it was an easy transition. There are things you just don’t know, things pop up and Lanter just fix them. The fact that Lanter are so responsive to issues and ensuring we can continue with our business was refreshing. Despite the challenges it has not been bad and we have not stopped.

What gave you confidence to move to Lanter?

Lanters approach to securing the business was relaxed, not rushed, we were not pushed. When you meet somebody, it’s a vibe, how genuine they are about their business. And the personal touch was valuable. With Lanter we were dealing with people who could make a decision there and then.

What kept you awake at night with the decision to move IT providers?

Moving from our physical servers to the cloud, how secure would it be, and how would it work. The biggest worry was that things would not work despite due diligence and testing. We’re solely reliant on our computer system and what if it did not work.?

How did Lanter give you confidence it would work?

They took away devices we had, got access to our ERP system through the software provider, they did a range of testing, we did our own testing, they mimicked scenarios, they fixed some issues, and all this was done before we engaged them. It was done off their own bat to prove themselves.

Why do you continue to choose Lanter?

With Lanter we’re getting the personal touch and achieving bigger things than we did with our previous provider. The team are great to work with. Lanter are a really good business built on service and what the customer requires. It is refreshing.

What are the benefits of working with Lanter Technologies?

They are a company that really strives to get the solution for the client no matter what they need to do. That is my experience. Their attitude is ‘how can we find a solution?’, there is never a ‘no’.

Lanter has come to us with other things we should be doing in our business. They are always trying to do more to improve and that hasn’t stopped.

What evidence do you have to demonstrate these benefits?

We have 140+ users across Australia and New Zealand supported by Lanter. They can raise a ticket and we monitor the responses weekly. Another measure is how many calls I get, and I receive nothing. Our people have an IT support network with Lanter that meets our needs. It makes me feel very comfortable.


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