Case Study: Together with Prime Build

Tim Thompson, Managing Director, Prime Build Why did you choose Lanter Technologies? After 12 years in business with had rapid growth to 50 staff and had to upgrade our systems. We ran a tender process and Lanter were successful. They commenced managing our IT services, providing hardware and software including maintenance, and it evolved into a lot more. They consult on process improvements and IT services outside their remit such as construction specific software, confirming it’s fit for purpose. Critical factors to engaging Lanter were costs, response times, customer service, values and continual improvement. Costs is easy to evaluate but the rest was a gut feel. We understood they were young and driven to succeed. We wanted someone that aligned with our business values and we could see and feel their values. Lanter are a young, growing business who put the client first. They’re not happy with normal, they want to continuously improve – smarter, safer, better. Why do you continue to choose Lanter?
  • They continue to ask the right questions and head us in the right direction, while ensuring we have no downtime. With 110 staff an IT outage for an hour costs a lot of money.
  • Cyber security is another priority. They are proactive, we have had no issues.
  • Continual improvement is a driver. The team continually come to us with ideas. If they only did what was in the contract we would look elsewhere. However, Lanter ask us ‘have you thought of this?’. They are always thinking what next, how can we serve
  • Prime Build better. They look for efficiencies and ways to reduce their cost to us.
  • The service they are providing is good value for money. We are very satisfied.
What are the benefits of working with Lanter Technologies? Lanter are customer centric. They want to know your problems and have really good response times. They flag potential issues before they’re a problem, they come with solutions, while proactively managing all our hardware and software. Customer service is great – that is a big one. They think outside the box. They don’t focus on what they’re contracted on but come to us with ideas such as integrating platforms to save money and increase accuracy. They’re very innovative. Lanter are present – almost like they’re inhouse. My team see them, know them. They understand that my team need to put a face to a name and be comfortable to ring them. They’re proactive about having a presence in our office. They’re proactive and always looking at better ways of doing things. They proactively ask if there are issues rather than waiting until something goes wrong. This was really evident during COVID while working from home. The transition was seamless, the set up, and the help. Lanter were straight onto it. What evidence do you have to demonstrate these benefits? We see multiple impacts on the business. Attracting and retaining staff – having a good IT infrastructure helps attract staff, offers flexibility such as working from home, enables them to do their job without issues and frustrations. ROI – we might spend $10,000 to do an IT project, but the work hours saved far outweigh the costs of the project. Lanter are always looking at project improvements. Cost reduction – Lanter are always looking at efficient ways so they’re not passing on too many costs. They introduced management software to reduce their billable hours and reduce the cost to us. I would consider Lanter ‘inhouse’, but they’re outsourced. They are definitely our IT partner, a partner to our business.
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