Case Study: Together with White Fox Boutique

Daniel Contos, Founder & Director, White Fox Boutique

Why did you choose Lanter Technologies?

We needed a good solution for IT services. From set-ups, cloud-based back-up, security across all confidential information and intellectual property such as trade designs, and Wi-Fi across all our buildings. Rob went through recommended strategies for various security aspects. We appreciated their simple explanations whereas other IT companies over complicate the IT dialogue. Lanter came with the most cost-effective scenario by looking at both cost and performance, and put forward a suitable balance for our business.

Why do you continue to choose Lanter?

One main aspect – transparency.

They explain the IT issue and solution in simple terms we can quickly grasp and therefore act on. They are clear and thorough. We were rapidly growing, from 30-40 staff to over 120 on the team. Our growth has brought with it a lot of changes and a lot of stress on the server. Rob, Andrew and the team have been very helpful and it’s as easy as picking up the phone sometimes. I can call them and they have that depth of experience. Lanter has helped us with a vast variety of aspects including payment gateways, using Square, improving our Wi-Fi performance, security, tracking server activity and more.

Lanter have been open to our preferred ‘adhoc’ model. Without a service-based agreement they could be less responsive but not with Lanter.

They have good foresight on how we need to set up for long term gains and ongoing growth anticipated at 100% year on year. Lanter has educated us in IT and we have implemented a lot based on what we have learnt. If you’re needing assistance in anything in IT, these are the right people to gain knowledge and put best practice in place for the business.

I can honestly say I have not had a bad experience with Lanter and am happy to stay with people who show effort and interest.

They know better than we do what we can improve in our business.

What are the benefits of working with Lanter Technologies?

One main area was how they explained everything.

From multiple back-ups, how to make it cost effective for cloud based and onsite storage, security, IP and more. It’s very reassuring when you have a large team of employees saving a lot of data. Our multiple warehouses create various issues and Lanter pushed us to move to a large cloud-based infrastructure. This significantly helped us during COVID and today. If we had been onsite we would have been limited.

I had always wanted to be reassured we were covered and could track things. We went through it with Lanter. Even today we had a concern with a terminated employee but Lanter had put a device into the laptop so were covered.
They give me confidence and peace of mind.

What evidence do you have to demonstrate these benefits?

The main thing that helps the business grow is the warehouse setup. When Lanter looked at the sites, they assessed the areas knowing that all our systems must run on Wi-Fi. They came out to get the efficiency of the warehouse computers resolved. Our warehouse manager noticed a significant improvement on what the team could achieve in a day.


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