Cyber Security

At Lanter Technologies our ultimate mission when it comes to security is the continual identification of potential threats to your business operations and reputation. Our expert team strives to recommend and help implement the measures needed to mitigate those cyber risks.

Because every business is different, we make a point of suggesting tailored tactics that fall within budget, and can be delivered in the least disruptive way. Effective cyber security management should include measures in place that mean potential threats are dealt with long before they cause any disruption to your business.

In an ideal world, this should all be happening within your business as standard practice. Cyber security improvements should be seen as preemptive measures, rather than steps taken in response to a security crisis that has already manifested. With the right measures in place, you can give your business the best chance of avoiding the likes of stolen data, encrypted files, malware and ransomware, phishing scams and denial-of-service.

Having said all of that, often clients do come to us in crisis mode, looking for expert security support after falling foul of a cyber breach.

Take advantage of a free Cyber Security Audit

To kick-start the process, we offer a free, no-obligation, high-level cyber security audit to all potential new clients, as well as a more in-depth, premium review of your network that will help take your security controls to the next level.

Our complimentary risk assessment of your existing technology infrastructure will provide an overarching view of where you’re currently at. We’ll identify any obvious threats that already exist, as well as opportunities for security improvements going forward that will make sure you continue to meet your business objectives.

The process includes everything from checking your email security measures are up-to-standard, to ensuring protective multi-factor authentication is appropriately enabled, and that all computers and other devices are properly maintained. We’ll also check that all programs and applications are fortified with the most recent updates and security-related patches, as well as assessing the quality of your spam filtering measures.
In addition, we’ll consider whether your team and business might benefit from staff training that will empower them to detect any suspicious activity, offering you a new or strengthened first line of human defence.
This review will be conducted by experts in cyber security risks who know exactly what to look for. The high-level insights gained will be used to provide details of any basic gaps in security that you might want to consider addressing to optimise your set-up in the immediate-term, and avoid common and potentially debilitating security pitfalls in the future.

Businesses should view our free cyber security audit as the first step towards developing an understanding of the role security does (or doesn’t!) play in maintaining their current infrastructure, and help create a more robust and secure IT network. This will all serve to maintain critical information security, potentially save you thousands of dollars in costly downtime, and ensure your business maintains a solid reputation amongst existing and potential clients.

What does a Premium Cyber Security Audit involve?

After undertaking a free high-level review, the Lanter Technologies team will typically recommend an additional, premium cyber security assessment and thorough network scan. These are designed to take a much deeper dive into your network set-up and processes, considering all aspects relating to your cyber security in the greatest detail.

When conducting such audits, we are guided by the official ‘Strategies to Mitigate Cyber Security Incidents’ developed by the Australian Cyber Security Centre (ACSC), with a particular focus on the most effective strategies, known as the Essential Eight.

The Essential Eight Maturity Model, which was first published in June 2017 and is regularly updated, supports the implementation of these strategies and is based on ACSC insights gained from producing cyber security threat intelligence, responding to and managing cyber security incidents, conducting penetration testing, and working with organisations on the implementation of the Essential Eight.

The process covers a wide range of areas from looking at common weaknesses such as required updates and ineffective antivirus software, all the way to protection of registered domain names – essentially your URL i.e. Taking such an in-depth look at your security will help to ensure the entire range of existing and potential technology risks are given serious consideration.

Security mitigation strategies, application control, restriction of administrative privileges and control of privileged accounts, and Microsoft Office macro security are all additional considerations that form part of the premium audit.

We’ll work to gain a comprehensive understanding of the applications and systems you currently use, how well they are working, and who has access to them. We’ll consider where your files are stored, and whether that’s an appropriate storage solution in light of the nature of the data involved. We’ll also talk to representatives from across your business to find out how they are using your network, and consider what additional security concerns this usage might present.

Our findings will be used to develop and provide an easy-to-understand yet detailed report, highlighting all minor and significant gaps in your current approach to network security, coupled with straightforward explanations of why these gaps present a threat to your business, what those threats might look like, and the damage they could cause.

Ideally, the next step will be a conversation between yourself and the expert audit team about the most effective tactics to consider as part of your cyber security strategy, in order to provide the highest levels of network protection going forward. This includes recommendations around regular data back-ups, business continuity and disaster recovery plans.

So, if you’re looking for the best cyber security Sydney has to offer, a Lanter Technologies IT network review will show you how to save time, money and frustration. We are aware of all conceivable technology risks and understand the potential impact on your business.

We use this knowledge to help you identify, review and address all business risks relating to your technology, and apply our up-to-the-minute knowledge to help avoid setbacks before they occur. By minimising the costly business downtime associated with security breaches, you and your team can get on with efficiently operating and growing your business.