IT Networking Solutions

Business needs are ever-changing and evolving, and therefore your network and internet must change to suit them. At Lanter Technologies we’ve developed in-depth partnerships with a range of telecommunication and network providers. Let us review your business requirements and match your needs with the right solution. We’ll match your budget to your needs while explaining the options in simple terms.

There are a number of network solutions we can provide to your office, including:

  • Internet connections: Fibre, NBN, Copper, and 4G, with a variety of providers
  • Office and campus networks, including wired and wireless solutions
  • Secure remote access and site-to-site links
  • Firewalls, routers, and other network devices

To find out which solution is right for your business, contact us today. All you need to do is provide us with your office address and contact details, and we can identify what’s available in your area. We’ll then get in touch to ask you some questions about your requirements, and understand which solution will meet your needs—now, and for the future.

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IT Networking Solutions

Resilient Internet Connectivity

When it comes to the internet we expect it to be always on, all the time. A resilient internet connection is critical to maintain your business operations. It allows you to detect, deflect, and counter against threats, and ensure your network remains up and running, even in the face of errors and faults.

Lanter Technologies is here to ensure your connectivity is as resilient as possible. We’ll work with you to understand your business needs, and recommend a combination of products that suits your budget. Using a range of different internet media, we can develop a solution that ensures your business remains connected around the clock, and isn’t derailed by a cut cable further up the line.

Our strong relationships with our network of trusted vendors means we’re able to ensure that an outage with a particular internet provider won’t ruin your day.

IT Networking Solutions

Unraveling and Optimising Complex Networks

Every network is different, with its own unique quirks and requirements. But this doesn’t mean they should be needlessly complex.

A streamlined, optimised network is stronger. It improves your business’ resilience and security against external threats.

We’ll help you simplify your network and ensure there are no unnecessary complexities. We’ll work to understand your needs, then perform a full network audit to get to know your network and uncover its hidden problems. We look at the big picture, taking into account your wifi, internet links, building cabling, VPN, and network equipment.

Then, we’ll help put together a plan to improve how your network operates. A plan that’s designed to reduce costs, and that takes into account existing contracts and relationships.

Because your network shouldn’t be a maze. We’ll help you unravel and trim it down to be as streamlined as possible, and optimised to meet your business’ needs.

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Friendly 24/7 Support

We are accessible whenever you need us, and will always have somebody available to help. No matter what time of the day or night, our friendly team will ensure issues are dealt with quickly and effectively.

The result? Minimal downtime and business disruption.

Client Satisfaction

We pride ourselves not only on our unbeatable responsiveness, but also our helpful and supportive nature. We proudly take a ‘customer first’ approach. This begins as we ‘dig deep’ to discover your unique challenges and goals. We’ll then come up with the best solution for your business. After all, our success is 100% based on the success of our customers. 

Far-reaching experience

From fully managed desktop support, to managed servers, routers and networks – we take care of it all! Our team takes a proactive approach to addressing potential technology issues before they adversely affect productivity.

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