Looking For a Tech Support Provider That Cares?

Tailored technology solutions designed to support your business objectives.

Growing your business through smarter technology

Lanter Technologies makes your life easier, by ensuring you can get on with your work and leave technology to us

Managed IT Services

Lanter aims to take the frustration and complexity out of the day to day use of technology with our Managed IT services for your business. From fully managed desktop support, to managed servers, routers and networks

Managed Cloud

Once our team gains an understanding of your current environment and your requirements, we will provide recommendations on a cloud solution if it fits with your requirements

Networking Solutions

With a wide partnership of telecommunication providers, we will review your business requirements and match the right product with your needs. We provide several access methods to your office


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Providing the right solutions

Microsoft Office 365

As a Microsoft Silver Partner, we provide solutions utilising Office 365. This provides market leading email, document management, and collaboration solutions.

IT Roadmap Planning

We offer ongoing reviews of your technology environment, providing you with a technology strategy and roadmap to stay up to date with the best technology for your business.

Outsourced technical support

Allow our competent technical team to partner with you as your in-house technical support. Our team is focused on being available when you need us, and providing you with direct access to skilled resources who can help resolve the majority of your team’s issues on the first call.

Moving you to the Cloud

If cloud is the right fit for your business, we will recommend a cloud solution to ensure your data and systems are readily available and secure from any location.

Internet and Phone Solutions

No matter what your budget or needs, we help you find internet and phone solutions that are the best fit for your business. With NBN, Fibre, 4G and other solutions available, we will find the right solution for your business.

IT Security

Lanter works with you to review the security risks that your business might currently be facing, and how those risks can be mitigated in a practical and cost effective way.


Our Aim is to empower customers with knowledge as to the current technological risks and inefficiencies within their business, and provide a solution tailored for the individual business needs. Contact us now to discuss over your IT review.

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Why are you moving to the Cloud?

Why are you moving to the Cloud?

Cloud services have been a hot topic for a number of years now. The ABS carried out a survey across 6640 Australian businesses during 2013-14. Less than one in five businesses reported using a paid cloud service.

Technology – Prevent the fire before it occurs

Technology – Prevent the fire before it occurs

Recently I was called by a business that had been experiencing intermittent performance issues with their office network for months. After visiting their office for the first time, I learnt that staff lost hours of productivity each day due to ‘slow’ access to key...

Reach your potential – Q&A Scott Miller

Reach your potential – Q&A Scott Miller

In my line of work, I meet many entrepreneurs who are at different stages of their business journey. Some people who are running their first startup, through to serial entrepreneurs on to their next business venture. For this article I have taken a step back from...

5 ‘essential’ apps for small business

5 ‘essential’ apps for small business

In this day and age, new business applications and tools can equip small business to play alongside the large corporations by accelerating productivity, efficiency and reducing costs. Although this may be the case, there is still some misconception that technology is...

Mobile Device Management for Business

Mobile Device Management for Business

The popularity of mobile devices combined with the sheer volume of apps available at our fingertips, open up a new world of opportunities and advantages for business. Communication has never been easier. Sharing and editing documents can be carried out while sitting...

Protect your data from being held ransom

Protect your data from being held ransom

Ransomware is malicious software that has been designed to lock you out of your data and in some cases your computer, to hold your information ransom. Paying the ransom does not always result in getting your data back, and in some cases, may fuel repeat attacks in the...


Our unique Managed IT Service Model creates operational efficiency within your business, allowing you to generate more revenue and deliver value to your clients. Speak with us today so we can discuss your challenges and goals, and we will propose a solution that aligns with your business objectives.


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