The Top Benefits of Managed IT Services

When it comes to your business’ IT needs, your in-house or contracted IT service provider can only do so much.

After all, IT is a broad title. It covers such a wide range of services, from your hardware setup and network configuration, to cybersecurity, issue response, and more. And, typically an IT services provider only specialises in a few specific services.

This is where comprehensive managed IT services can deliver a more efficient, more effective service.

Here are the top 10 benefits of partnering with a managed IT services provider, and what this can achieve for your business.

1. Improve your business’ efficiency with unlimited support

When it comes to a managed IT services provider, their job doesn’t just stop once your bug is fixed, or your hardware is set up. They provide ongoing, regular support, when you need it.

And by providing this ongoing support, they get to know your systems, and understand the most efficient ways to configure your network. Your managed IT services provider can then advise you on the most efficient and effective software, tools, and platforms to help improve your business’ performance.

2. Reduce downtime with guaranteed response times

Instead of calling up your IT provider to lodge a ticket, or book in a time to fix your errors, your managed services provider will be there when you need them, within a timeframe that you agree upon upfront.

Whether it’s immediate phone support, or a one-hour turnaround time on hardware issues, you get peace of mind that your issues will be responded to and managed quickly. They’re able to limit the amount of downtime to your business, and get you up and running sooner.

3. Resolve errors before they become an issue with proactive monitoring

A managed IT services provider doesn’t just fix your issues when they arise. They provide complete monitoring for all your IT needs, often before they even occur. They’re able to provide proactive mitigation, with a large range of tools and processes that ensure less opportunities for errors to ever occur.

4. Save IT budget with predictable costs

Engaging a managed IT services provider, rather than calling out an IT tech every time you need a hand, provides you with one regular monthly fee. You’re not paying every time something needs fixing, which in itself can be a problem. After all, if your IT provider is making money each time something goes wrong for you, then there’s more incentive for them to allow things to go wrong.

With managed IT services you know exactly what you’re paying for. With their unlimited support and proactive problem solving, you get a much more cost-effective solution.

5. Reduce your IT infrastructure expenses

Your business might be furnished with excess software or energy-draining hardware that you don’t actually need. Your managed IT services provider will provide you with a detailed IT infrastructure audit to determine your IT needs, then provide a strategy to optimise it all for you. They’ll be able to trim the fat, whether it’s in extra devices, or unnecessary software licences.

6. Save time and money on training

Onboarding new staff to perform your IT services, or even training up existing staff in specific IT support roles, can cost your business thousands of dollars. And when that individual moves on, or if they’re not available, then your IT needs don’t get met.

A managed IT service provider offers complete IT support. They come onboard with a staff of fully-trained, fully-qualified experts. There’s no training time necessary on your part, and no costs associated with sourcing, engaging, and onboarding new IT staff.

7. Build trust with a smoother, more streamlined relationship

If you don’t have a regular IT company, you’re effectively calling a stranger to help with your IT needs. You may even have different IT vendors for different roles.

Your managed IT services provider is your complete one-stop-shop. You’ll typically have one dedicated account manager, one point of contact who takes care of your IT needs for you. You work with them on a regular basis, get to know them, and they get to know you, and your needs. It’s the start of a beautiful, long-term relationship. They can even liaise with other vendors on your behalf, so you’re not stuck trying to translate and communicate between two different companies trying to pass the blame.

8. Increase your business’ scalability

As your business grows and your IT needs increase, this can quickly become too much workload for a small internal IT team, or an ad-hoc external IT support team.

A managed IT services team, on the other hand, is built for this level of scale. They’ve got the capability, technological ability, and agility to manage your IT needs, whether you’re a five-person team, or five hundred. They also work with you to increase or decrease your service level as your business grows and changes.

9. Future-proof your business with new software and technology

Many businesses rely on the same pieces of software and platforms for years. This in itself isn’t necessarily an issue, as some legacy platforms have proven their worth time and again. But even these platforms need updating from time to time.

A managed IT services provider will make sure that your operating systems, software, and platforms remain up-to-date, whether it’s on one local drive or across your entire network. They can ensure your business is across the latest software that’s beneficial in your field, and stay in the loop as IT tech in your industry evolves.

10. Improve your business’ safety and security

Much like staying up to date with your software updates, your managed IT services provider will also ensure that your business is equipped with all the necessary virus and cyber threat protection.

It’s not just fixing bugs or stopping hacking attempts—they provide the monitoring, tools, and accurate settings to your security systems that ensures cyberattacks don’t happen in the first place. Things like ensuring your firewall is updated, your email filters are fine-tuned, and even providing training in the latest IT security measures, email security protocol, and the like.

So if you’re ready to transition your business to managed IT services, contact Lanter Technologies today.

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