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Lanter Technologies works to identify any security risks your business may face, and how those risks can be nullified in a hassle-free and affordable way. Our managed security services ensure potential threats are dealt with long before they disrupt your business.

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What Do Our Clients Say?

“I have been using Lanter Tech for a number of years now. Rob and his team are sensational. Highly professional and easy to deal with. Rob always has great suggestions on how to increase my productivity and considers the needs of my organisation. I highly recommend Rob and his team at Lanter Tech.”

Monique Darcy

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Why is Cyber Security so important?

Gone are the days where the worst that comes from a hacked email account is an embarrassing spam email sent to all your contacts – when recovery involved sending an apology email to your contacts and changing your password.

In more recent times, these kinds of breaches usually result in serious monetary or reputational losses – involving scams, encrypted files and loss of data, or even blackmailing. These attacks are also becoming more prevalent, especially amongst the small and medium business market.

For owners and executives of businesses of all sizes that ignore the threat of cyber-attacks, the true cost of this complacency very quickly becomes evident. In 2021 it is one business risk that simply must not be ignored.

Managed Security Solutions

How Lanter Approaches Security

At Lanter we understand that most business do not come with a war chest of funds ready to throw at cyber security, but at the same time we understand what the real, practical, day-to-day threats to your business look like.

This allows us to take an approach to cyber security for your business that is measured, and matches the risk and your budget. Once these protections are in place, we will take the time to review your environment and present to you the next steps for your considerations – including the costs and benefits outlined in clear non technical language.

This cycle repeats allowing your security to constantly improve and adapt – keeping up with the ever changing cyber threats.

IT Security Sydney

Gain 24/7 Peace of Mind

Cyber security threats and attacks are constantly changing and evolving, and therefore Lanter’s managed security offering does the same. We are constantly adding new strategies to our service to keep up with the risks and threats. We leverage a number of tools such as endpoint security software, log collection and monitoring, automated alerting and user training campaigns to provide a holistic approach to cyber security protection.

As a network partner of the Australian Cyber Security Centre, Lanter Technologies have access to up to date information about the latest threats and attacks, which allows us to be agile and respond proactively to ensure our clients are safe.

Protect Your Cloud Data

Safety in the Clouds

With many solutions moving to cloud based offerings, traditional security is no longer as relevant or sufficient to protect you from the modern and evolving threats.

Lanter Technologies doesn’t take a one size fits all approach to security, but after careful analysis, will highlight the risks and work with your team to keep your business safe.

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Why work with Lanter Technologies?

Friendly 24/7 Support

We are accessible whenever you need us, and will always have somebody available to help. No matter what time of the day or night, our friendly team will ensure issues are dealt with quickly and effectively.

The result? Minimal downtime and business disruption.

Client Satisfaction

We pride ourselves not only on our unbeatable responsiveness, but also our helpful and supportive nature. We proudly take a ‘customer first’ approach. This begins as we ‘dig deep’ to discover your unique challenges and goals. We’ll then come up with the best solution for your business. After all, our success is 100% based on the success of our customers. 

Far-reaching experience

From fully managed desktop support, to managed servers, routers and networks – we take care of it all! Our team takes a proactive approach to addressing potential technology issues before they adversely affect productivity.

We work with the world’s best known companies

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Small & Medium Business Solutions

Why Lanter is the right Security Company for your business?

Cyber security options are everywhere these days, and the information can be overwhelming – especially for those who lack interest in the technicalities. Many cyber security companies have particular product that will only address one risk, or approach things from one angle

Other specialist cyber security companies may offer comprehensive services, however these are often targeted at enterprise – with this fact reflected in their level of detail, but also in their price tag.

Lanter takes a practical approach to cyber security – prioritising protection against the most common threats faced by small and medium businesses. We also implement software and systems that adapt as the threats change – ensuring that your security wont be outdated anytime soon.

This approach ensures that every dollar you spend on cyber security is spent in the best possible way.

Comprehensive Cyber Security Reviews

What do our Premium Cyber Security Audits include?

After undertaking our free high-level security review, we usually recommend one of our premium cyber security audits – designed to discover the most relevant security risks or holes in your business.

This covers a wide range of areas from common weaknesses such as Windows updates and antivirus, all the way to protection of your registered domain names (eg ensuring that we pick a large range of technology risks your business might face.

From this point, we provide you with a report highlighting the biggest holes in your security and details about why they are a threat to your business. From there we begin a conversation on how best to mitigate those threats and protect your business moving forward.

A Complete Security Solution

Managed Security Solutions

For the best cyber security protection, Lanter offers Managed Security. This is a service consisting of security monitoring, endpoint software, continuous improvement of your environment, and includes constant tweaks to your environment to ensure your business stays safe.

We are constantly adding extra features and services such as cyber security training to our Managed Security in order to keep up with the ever-changing cyber threats. Managed Security comes as part of our managed services offerings ensuring that all of our managed customers stay safe from the ever-evolving world of cybercrime.

If this is something that interests you, let’s start a conversation about managed services for your business.

Modern Day IT Security Solutions

Common Cyber Security Issues

To give you a few examples, here are a few of the more common attacks you are likely to see on Australian businesses, and how we approach them:

Stolen Email Credentials
Unfortunately one of the most common attacks we see today, however there is a simple fix. Implementing multi-factor authentication (SMS code etc) prevents about 99% of these attacks.

Crypto Locked Files
Malware or viruses infecting your computer allows attackers to encrypt your critical files and demand a ransom to return them to you. With advanced endpoint protection software called Intercept-X, and by securing your remote access methods, we can prevent any malware or encryption attacks from getting a foothold into your systems.

Impersonation Scams
Fake emails are sent to an accounts team member pretending to be the CEO or head of finance asking to make transfers or change bank details – hoping to scam money out of the business. Lanter deals with this by adding custom rules to your email platform and applying extra email filtering which highlight these emails as a potential fake or block it completely.

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